High-precision thermoplastic injection moulding
process and design

Agoplast offers a fast and efficient customer oriented service, starting from the designing and scale production of injection mouldings for thermoplastic materials from the ground up, to the final selling procuct, offering an unbeatable value for money. agoplast srl works also on commission.
The entire custromer oriented experience starts with the data collection and analisys from our specalists, according to the clients’ needs, and it is followed by our general offer. straight afterwars, agoplast guarantees an excellent professional and valuable advice regarding the offer.
Together with our most important clients, we represent the power of made in italy in the global market.

Stampaggio materie plastiche

Agoplast is now expanding its own business, by investing not only in the production line, with new cutting edge moulding machines compatible with the latest 4.0 standards, but also in its team, managing to create new career opportunities. agoplast can also count on its taylor-made efficient software, guaranteeing a strict quality control in every aspect, shape or form.

"Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard."


Stampaggio materie plastiche a Vicenza
Stampaggio materie plastiche a Treviso
Stampaggio materie plastiche